The Kinito Physical Therapy Difference

Above and beyond anything else we offer, the difference with Kinito Physical Therapy is that we offer you time. You no longer have to spend any part of your day making your way across town and waiting for your appointment only to then make your way back home or to work: we do the commuting for you. We are able to do this because we are a licensed home care agency – the only dedicated physical therapist practice in the Oklahoma City area licensed to legally provide in-home services.

Alongside that convenience, we provide you with better treatment than other practices. That’s because we take care of our therapists: they have a very manageable caseload that enables them to spend the kind of one-on-one time with you that you need and generally gives them a better work/life balance, which improves mood, engagement, and ultimately, care outcomes.



Mechanical problems typically require a mechanical solution. Kinito utilizes hands-on treatment strategies to restore normal movement patterns and joint mobility. All of our therapists are highly skilled in hands-on treatment strategies.


Being “fit” alone will not prevent you from sustaining injuries. We offer services catered towards injury prevention and return to sport training for athletes. We can identify faulty movement patterns to help prevent season ending injuries.


Correcting movement strategies and posture can increase efficiency and reduce pain. Kinito treats multiple injuries including those involving cartilage, bones, muscles, joints, and nerves.



We keep prices low and encourage 1x weekly visits to save you money and get you back living life and doing what you love faster. We offer discounted subscription plans for those that want continued maintenance.


Kinito Physical Therapy comes to you. You can kiss that 15-30 minute commute to and from physical therapy goodbye. We are willing to meet you anywhere. This means less wasted time and a higher level and quality of care. A lot of people prefer to be treated at home while others prefer to be met at their gym, running trail, etc.


Kinito will address healing tissues with appropriate rest and graded stress to optimize recovery and return the you to your prior level of function following surgery. We also treat neck and jaw pain associated with Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD).

We help busy Oklahomans reduce pain and improve athletic performance without the inconvenience of driving to a clinic.

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